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How does bulk SMS messaging work?

Bulk SMS messaging works in exactly the same way as sending a text message online (as detailed in the previous entry), except on a larger scale. Rather than sending a message to one recipient, you would send your SMS message to a group of recipients utilizing the functionality of a bulk SMS service, like our proprietary Solver Solution Group Messenger service.

How do I send bulk SMS messages for my business?

Our system is extremely easy to use. Once you have amassed a list of customer phone numbers, they are uploaded to your Solver Solution Group Messenger account. The next step is to obtain consent from those numbers' owners to receive additional communications from your business. Once customers have begun to opt-in to receive messages, and you have purchased a message bundle from us, simply login to your Solver Solution Group Messenger account, enter a message, select the individual customers, or customer groups you want to receive the message. Click send, and you’re done!

How can businesses buy bulk SMS messages?

Simple, sign up for an account for your business with Solver Solution Group Messenger and either directly buys message bundles from your account or request an invoice directly from us.

How much does bulk SMS cost?

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our service presents superb value for money to our customers; as such, our service and software are free, you simply pay for the texts that you send.

For extra convenience, we sell our messages in bundles; the smaller bundles offer a price of Rs 0.28 per text. However, the bigger the bundle, the better the value; if you were to purchase a 250,000 message bundle (for Rs 41,250), you’d be charged a rate of 16.5p per message. Don’t forget, we’ll match or beat any competitor’s price.

For sales inquiries, please call us on +91 - 95021 95021 or email us at sales Solver Solution Group, and we will get back to you.

How long does it take to send SMS in bulk?

There is no set time of how long it takes to send bulk SMS messages, you set the sending activity to send immediately or schedule it to be sent at a later point in time.

Are there SMS packages for a bulk text that reduce my costs?

Yes, there are, the more messages you buy the cheaper it gets. To see a list of our bulk SMS prices, please click here.

What support do I get for creating and running my bulk marketing campaigns?

Using our award-winning Messenger 3.0 Platform sending messages is a breeze, however, if you would like help managing or sending your bulk SMS campaigns, then please consider using our Agency Services or contact our friendly support team for help.